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e - commerce

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home page ( MGT 3553 )

Home Page

- The web page or local file that automatically loads when a web browser starts or when the browser's "home" button is pressed : this is also called a start page. The user can specify the URLof the page to be loaded, or alternatively choose e.g. to re-load the most recent web page browsed.

- The initial or main web page of a web site, sometimes called the front page or landing page.
In the 1990s the term was also used to refer to a whole web site, particularly a personal site (perhaps originally because simple web sites often consisted of just one web page)

Example of home page:

- Yahoo
- Google
- Myspace
- Facebook
- Softonic

Why muscle 6 pack men attract more women???

If you have ever traveled to Europe to places like Rome, you immediately notice the statues. I was in Rome recently and not once did I see a statue of a wimpy or skinny muscle-less man. I supposed with all the warfare of the time, the man without muscular tone was looked down upon as not very useful. It appears like every aspect of the man's body was muscular (if you know what I mean). So muscle building apparently was a requirement for the real man in ancient times.

We, of course, are a by-product of ancient Rome so the ideas of that time are still very prevalent in our day. I don't know many women that go completely ga-ga over a skinny man. Even with the evident man shortage many women are recognizing today, most will still prefer a nicely sculpted set of biceps and triceps any day over flab. Real men have always known the need to protect their women and children so keeping a fit physique was the most capable way of stopping threats to the man or his family. Muscles have no doubt always been a sign of a couple of things. While these signs aren't etched in stone, they do stand to reason why women love muscular men.

1. Strength. When a man has strong, muscular arms, most women can just imagine lying in them. I find a muscular man comforting in that he may be able to tackle some heavy lifting if I need such help. Nothing is more impressive that to see a man lift a heavy weight with the greatest of ease.

2. Sign of good health. Most women know that those muscle didn't come about by chance. The man with muscles obviously care enough about himself to make sure he is physically fit and hopefully will care that much about whoever he is dating to make sure good health is a priority for her too.

3. Sexy. Muscles look good. They make a man very easy on the eyes. It is nice to see the contrast between the female and male physique.

Health : Detox the way to good health

WE are exposed to toxins daily, from food and water to air. They all contain toxins that can affect our health.
The digestive system and liver work together to eliminate these toxins but when toxins accumulate, the organs get overloaded and the system is disrupted. When this happens, toxins will circulate in our bloodstream.
A person who suffers from toxins has fatigue, dark puffy eyes, headaches, indigestion, allergies, skin problems, sinus problems, bad breath, cellulite constipation and weight problems. We should detox twice a year. With regular detoxification, you will enjoy increased energy and vitality. We often associate detoxification with something unpleasant, like colon cleansing or a diet of only fruit and vegetable juices. Of course, there are various types of detox/slimming tea that contains a laxative to stimulate bowel movements. But this will affect your daily lifestyle. The Juvanex 7-Day Program is an easy way to cleanse and rejuvenate. It is formulated with Total-Cleanze, a blend of all-natural ingredients comprising: Fibre: A good mix of soluble and insoluble fibre is essential as they complement each another for an effective detoxification. Soluble fibre absorbs water to form a bulky gel like a “sponge” that expands in the colon to absorb waste. Insoluble fibre, on the other hand, works like a “broom” to clean out the waste in the colon. Probiotics: It replenishes “good” bacteria in your digestive tract and inhibits growth of “bad” bacteria. Liver-cleansing herbs: A complete detox programme should include cleansing and protecting your liver. Milk thistle (protects and improves the liver function), dandelion (aids in flushing out wastes) and grape seed (great antioxidant to protect liver from everyday toxins) are effective herbs for this purpose. It is also enriched with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins to support and nourish your body during detox. Just mix two sachets of lemon-tasting Juvanex with 400ml of water or fresh fruit juice. Take twice daily, after food, for seven days. Do not use warm or hot water. There is no need to change your diet or lifestyle! Apart from detoxification, naturopath Esther Peh offers the following advice:

1. Eat a balanced diet. Have at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit everyday.

2. Exercise. Sweating gets rid of toxic wastes through the skin. Regular exercise also improves metabolism. However, exercise can increase toxic production, so make sure you get enough antioxidants, adequate fluids, and vitamins.

3. Rest: When you rest, your body and mind are in a balanced state. Practicing yoga will help you obtain a more balanced and active aura.

3three most expensive cars

Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the most powerful, most expensive, and fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a proven top speed of over 400 km/h (407 km/h or 253 mph). It reached full production in September 2005. The car is built by Volkswagen AG subsidiary Bugatti Automobiles SAS and is sold under the legendary Bugatti marque. It is named after racing driver Pierre Veyron, who won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1939 while racing for the original Bugatti firm. The Veyron features a W16 engine—16 cylinders in 4 banks of 4 cylinders.

Ferrari Enzo $1,000,000

The Enzo Ferrari, sometimes referred to as the the Ferrari Enzo and also F60 is a 12-cylinder Ferrari supercar named after the company's founder, Enzo Ferrari. It was built in 2003 using Formula One technology, such as a carbon-fiber body, F1-style sequential shift transmission, and carbon-ceramic brake discs. Also used are technologies not allowed in F1 such as active aerodynamics. After a maximum downforce of 1709 pounds (775 kg) is reached at 186 mph (301 km/h) the rear spoiler is actuated by computer to maintain that downforce.

Pagani Zonda C12 F $741,000

The Zonda C12 F debuted at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. It is the most extensive reengineering of the Pagani car yet, though it shares much with its predecessors including the 7.3 L V12. Power is increased to 602 PS (443 kW/594 hp) with a special clubsport model producing 650 PS (478 kW/641 hp). The company promises a 3.2 second sprint to 60 mph (97 km/h, a top speed over 374 km/h (225 mph) and it will be the queen in braking from 300 km/h to 0 (186 mph to 0). The Zonda F clubsport has a power to weight ratio of 521 bhp/ton (384 W/kg) . Compare, for example, the Enzo Ferrari which has a power to weight ratio of 483 bhp/ton (356 W/kg).